Recent Assignments

Patrick Stasolla

Senior Vice President
Media Planning, Buying & Strategy

Regional Agency focused on Retail, Grocery & Consumer Goods

VP Integrated Media (Contracted)

Media Director

Boutique Digital Agency focused on Healthcare & Pharma


An accomplished Senior Media Executive with extensive C-Suite experience and an entrepreneurial mind.  Throughout my career, I have proven to be a leader at blue chip Ad Agencies and Fortune 100 marketers, as well as creating two successful start ups.

Over the course of a rich +30 year career, I have led all aspects of strategic Media Planning/Buying and Corporate Advertising Management of large brand portfolios.  I pride myself on being a Media Strategist who is adept at identifying and capitalizing upon market/media data analysis, disciplined best practices and actionable nuances in order to employ Media tactics efficiently.   It is my belief that cultivating young talent is as important as accelerating revenue growth, because our younger colleagues are the future of our industry and craft.

As a practitioner, I consider myself to be a "hands on" executive who is an extremely competitive person with a strong drive to provide excellence to my clients, while always maintaining transparency and clarity.  Relationship building is very important to me and it is my opinion that without strong relations built upon clear, concise and timely communication, positive business outcomes become challenging.



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Brand Marketing

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Executive Leadership
"Great ad copy can only reach full potential when exposed
to the right audience, at the right time, and within proper context."