Creating effective strategies for business is always based upon the foundation of clear concise communication and a trusting relationships between both parties.  The more effective the communication and strength of relationship, the better the results - it's that simple.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Media Strategy & Analysis
  • Media Buying & Reporting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Media Research Analysis
  • Media Negotiation
  • New Product Launches
  • Leadership Management
  • Private Label -Own Brands management
  • Brand Positioning consult solutions
  • Budget Management
  • In-Market Testing

Quick Read Insights

Media White Paper (s)

Digital Media White Paper

Radio White Paper

Media White Paper

Media Best Practices

Media Strategy

Strategic Planning Imperatives

  1. Clearly articulated objectives that are measurable
  2. Full understanding of the target(s)
  3. Proper Timing is crucial
  4. Accessing the Purchase Cycle or Therapeutic chain of command to determine a communication window
  5. Understanding the basic availability or retail ACV (Retail Rx vs Specialty vs Clinical...for DTC Pharma)
  6. Recognizing competitive set
  7. Identifying barriers and hurdles to overcome (some examples)
    • Consumer Brands
      • Dovetailing promotional timelines with ad messaging
      • Brand awareness levels
      • Shifting media consumption habits
    •  Pharma
      • Understanding side-effects
      • Size of the market
      • Complexity of the message vs the product’s advantage